Aug.2023 08
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DuPont ink technology enables high-quality inkjet printing without carbonization
DuPont recently announced that it has developed a new curing technology that can complete the complete curing of UV ink within 0.3 seconds, greatly shortening the curing time. At the same time, the new ink formulation is extremely scratch-resistant.

Tests have shown that even when printing in one direction at high speed on easy-to-tear materials, the printed content will not be scratched. In addition, the VOC content of the new ink is reduced by 80%, which is more environmentally friendly. DuPont said that the application of this technology will greatly improve the quality and stability of inkjet printing, especially for high-speed industrial inkjet printing. With the continuous advancement of ink technology, the quality of inkjet printing will be equal to or even surpass that of traditional lithographic printing.
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